House cleaning Weston Ma

HOUSEKEEPING – House cleaning Weston MA

HOUSEKEEPING – House cleaning Weston MA

Top of the morning to you maidens, my refer is jacksepticeye and therefore welcomed “Breach and Clean”. We’re not kicking in doors and blowing people up. or trying to disband everybody. We’re just gonna kicking in doors and we’re just gonna clean the rooms. I think this is a thing, where you’re in a inn, and you have to go in and clean the rooms. So, I can go in and throw the trash in the cartrash, mop up discolorations, change dirty towels, change toilet rolls, flush the– So this speaks to me, as a person who actually has a degree in inn and leisure activities management literally, what I graduated college with. Hotel and leisure management This speaks to me, motive this is nonsense I actually had to learn when I was doing that shit. I had to go in, I had a class, on reading to clean a inn apartment, in the suitable require. It was the most birthing shit ever. Wait, how do I actually start the game, there “theres going” niceness! How do I push this? Oh god..Oh gentleman It’s locked…

I have no idea what I’m doing Why is there dynamite ?! Ok, can I go in now? I don’t- Fucking – god the fucking mouse sense Open the doors! Do I actually have t .. oh the radio is clearing the music, that’s why The.I..I..I don’t know what I do .. Okay, I have toilet roll, I don’t need toilet roll!( door knob rackets) Can we go to another storey? Ah..shit, what kind of elevator is this? Do..ah…how do I open the doors? Do I dynamite the doors? I dynamite the doors ?!( EXPLOSION) Oh …. “BREACH and clean” That makes a shit ton of sense There “theres going”, clean those discolorations, mop up all the discolorations, Am I mopping? Perhaps I require more sea. Water? Water, I need to clean the brush Oh Yes. Can you clean thi … There we go Thank you, ok..don’t need the wash anymore. That’s awesome, like a fucking ninja! Ok the game maintains stopping every now and then That’s fine, I don’t care Uh…this go into the trash? Nice. Nice. Anymore rubbish around? Are we good? Toilet rolls, clean towels C’mon I have t…ok, clean towels, I require clean towels, where do these exit? Spidushki! Nice, I got the new towel It’…

( Laughs) This is fucking weird … ok green towels represents clean aims clean, is that it? Is that this room done? Yaaaaay! Ok, moving on to the next one. CHARLIE CHARLIE ECHO NINE !! BREACH AND CLEAN, GO !!( Explosion) EVERYONE IN THE ROOM! GO GO GO GO! Rubbish, rubbish, pick up the rubbish. I like how it has the ear-ringing sound effect. This room’s done previously ?! Oh- Strojp glazing promler. Presj of the plong whe. I have no idea what you’re saying, Gerard Way, Mikey Way? Who helps. AAAH FUCK !!! AAH !!! Did i just get flashbanged? Ahh, ok. Breach and Clean. I’m not getting paid enough for this shit man. Pick up all all the cans. WOOW WOOOW WOOOOHS The reverberate aftermaths are fucking awsome. Nice, what else is needed? Mop, wash! C’mon man, i cant be slowing down! I’ve gotta be faster about this shit. Mop, wash, wash, wash, wash, wash. Aaaah, I learned how to break the game. You exactly pick up the wash and place it down again and then you’re able to clean all you want.

NICE !! Am I … Am I done? Toilet roll, Toilet roll, I require a new toilet roll! What was that sound? Wa…Was that the reverberate of demise coming after me? I have no idea. toilet roll! GIVE ME THE TOILET ROLL! Thank fucking christ. give it to me! Now “theres going”. I have a timer nocking down It’s done! It’s not done, i need towels. Fucking tell people the apartment is clean-living. It are not the cleaness. It are not the nicers. there “theres going”. I’m even better at this place then the game is telling me. EVERYONE BACK! Humpoquae. Wait is that it? Oooh, we go to another storey. Aaah, awsome! Hot! Ok. Breach and Clean, Breach and Clean !! Everybody out! NICE !! Ok, any rubish on the grind? Aaah my ears are resounding. Aaah, my ears are resounding and stinging. Towels firstly, get the towels firstly. There is no point moping the storey firstly cus you’re gonna be coming in and out with your little trotters and clearing it all grimy again.

Fuck sake, don’t you know anything about logic and scavenge hotel rooms? Aaah god I lost my towel! there “you think youre”. C’mon little crony, we need to … Hugh! It’s not done. You keep telling me these rooms are done. Knock, strike! House deterring! I come in regardless? I come in regardless. Okay, I need to get this towel’ stimulate I’m on the way out regardless. I AM THE BEST- Legend speaks of the person or persons who were working in the inn down Memory block lane.

[ Ding] Why are tell people these rooms are done when they’re not? Who helps ?! If you’re gonna tell me they’re done I don’t need to clean anymore then. Fucking recreation dabie dowzie LEGEND SPEAKS OF “The mens” WHO CAN CLEAN- The room’s done previously? Sorry!( laughs) They’re just inside and they’re like: “Ah, a neat book-“( blowup) “DAH! AH MY EARS” Did you just say the apartment is done as well? Did I rea- Di- Did I genuinely exactly finish that?( laughs) I didn’t do ANYTHING! Okay( german accent) Anybody in zhere? Hello? Housekeeping! I knocked, I’m comin’ in.

If you’re naked then there’s nothing I can do about it except watch. Did I get it? Ding ding! I didn’t get it That’s not enough! I require a towel Gimme the towel! Fuck, it’s like a pit stop, you ho- people do the Formula one cars, and they take off the motor super quickly. Wait …( Waiting …) Housekeeping! I come in regardless! People- they- they demonstrate like- doing- taking off the wheels and everything suuper fucking swiftly! That’s what I’m doing right now. Watch this.( sings) Oh, cleaning process, cleaning process~ Everybody, everywhere~ Clean up, cleaning process~( suddenly stops) CLEAN UP THE STAIN! Are you serious? That was a big ass grime! That was almost like someone painted the grind. They painted the grind park. Are you guys jizzing all over the place ?! Was that dong dong? Fucking – god, I have actually time to do this.

Luckily for you, I AM THE FASTEST IN ALL THE LAND at changing towels and toilet rolls. Okay- shit Watch me exit. Now watch me do. Nice! Oh!( realises something) Ohhh, others are acceptable, this is perfect … That’s why it was telling me the latter are done previously! They weren’t actually done, it was just acceptable and I could move on.* another pained noise* I keep forgetting …’ Kay, uh- rubbish, rubbish Nice! It’s a lot like viscera clean-up item. That competition is astonishing, as well. Okay, towel … Get off the towel rack! I demand a scorching towel rack like that.

I retain being sits before that had heated towel racks The “hairs-breadth” dressers where I got my “hairs-breadth” greened, they have nonsense like that. I demand one. You applied the towel on and it bakes itself well it doesn’t bone-dry itself, the thingy bakes it. Clean it up. MOP IT UP![ strike strike]( accent) “Hou-keeping.” “Okay, I come in.” What the — who upchuck in now ?! oh but it’s more like chairs and shit back in the right places Ohh Do I have to situated like chairs and shit back in the right places? No, you’re just making an obstacle course for me now. Ye bastards! I am not getting paid enough for this shit K, that’s acceptable, but what’s perfect?( gentleman in bathtub tells gibberish)[ Jack recites gibberish] Shut the fuck up, blue-face! Oh God and getting out and getting out and getting out and getting I’m sorry Oh gawd I’m gettin’ out, I’m gettin’ out I’m gettin’ out, I’m gettin’ out, I’m sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry! Do you demand some dynamite? you demand some dynamite I listened the person or persons charity that. It’s good in vitamin … D! VITAMIN DEATH!( upturn) Aaagh !![ laughs] ok ok everybody down Okay, okay.

EVERYBODY DOWN! Ma’am, DOWN TO THE GROUND, DOWN TO THE GROUND! Ok, sorry, exactly cleaning up your apartment.[ dame in apartment speaking gibberish]( Jack recurs gibberish) I’m changing your towels. HOW are you gonna get out of the fucking bathroom? what did I exactly do? How are you gonna get out of the bathroom, and mop your arse, with a grimy towel? -[ dame prevents grumbling] – Ok…

Ok, SHUT UP! My place is more important than your privacy, and personal mind[ Woman expressing gibberish][ Jack simulating gibberish] “Ah sham grady grazy flaunts” I don’t – I don’t speaka dat language but I’m pretty sure you called me a fluffy little bunny rabbit. And I’m okay with that. Last storey! Are we done? Ye — ohh. I can’t leave because motherf **** r down now is telling me that you’re not finished! you’re not finished What? WHAT has to be done in now? Is there anything on the shelves? Anything behind the couches? I don’t know what you’re shite-in’ on about. I don’t know what you’re dicking me over for. I did — I did a good job. I did a good j — oooohhh Oh that’s just the fucking towel rack, the other side.[ competition sounds] Ooohhhh !! I was leaving the toilet- the baths full WHO takes a tub in a inn apartment and doesn’t make the sea out? they just get by and like, “Ah, fuck it, they’ll manage.” Assholes.

Okay, last-place storey! Well, it’s not the last storey, it probably still goes on forever it’s the last storey i’m going to be doing GO, GO, GO, GO, GO! Okay, grab my wash! Grab my wash! Now we fucking exit! time to mop up these events like a immediate beast! neat nothing has ever seen a gentleman clean up your apartment so fast before. People have heard tell of chaps doing this kind of shit but they’ve never actuallly looked it with their own bare eyeballs. And not their-And not their eyeballs that are able to see, I intend their eyeballs that are actually from a bear.

that is a perfect room that represents it’s time to get by Nice! Hello ?![ Knock Knock Knock] You got some dead bodies in there !? THIS IS THE POLICE! Shh Go to sleep, and goodnight .. la, da, da, da DADA DA! I choose I could sleep like that. Choose I could sleep like a dead person ok I require my moppers. Give me out! Why you puttin’ your chairs like that? This is a shit inn. It actually is. I would not stay in now.[ gibberish] The monk is lettuce. The monkeys grind?[ tripe again] Bletsa plongway?[ Gibberish] Heera derrison? I don’t know what you’re saying .. What’s the last happen I need to do in now? It’s not perfect! I wanted to get a entire storey of excellent rooms. Did you just say “peace out”?[ gibberish] I flub his pillow! neat i am the best hoteliere that the world has ever seen you know it’s hard to be a- -H! I have to meet your bunk with you lying on it? thank you for clearing my work a pain in my ass! I’m not doing that I’m not dealing with that girl Suppoused to be a neat easy place! I wasn’t even suppoused to be working today! My adolescents at a..

spelling contest God, it’s shining! Imagine they came into your inn apartment like that normally. Just be like: “Hello? House deterring? I don’t care! SHUT UP! Hold it to me! Nice! Gotta stick this in! I-I hear you sister. you’re lucky I’m not evil if I was evil Wait .. Oh, god. Fucking – god, Fucking – god! Fucking – god![ laughs] I want to see if I can do something. Shut up.

EAT DYNAMITE! Okay, I’m gone, I’m gone, I’m gone! BOOM! This room is acceptable previously which represents it’s going to be easy to clean. Easy cleany! Stevie Bebie! Let’s go! Is that it? Are we done? Towels, Towels, TOILET ROLL! Come now, toilet roll, son of a bitch Nice! My adolescents are gonna be so proud! I’m actually will now be able yield meat this year. Ah, people vomitin’ all over the place! You guys had a rough night, didn’t ya ‘!? Tought you’d come in, get a little like burger or something! Then came over here and just like[ throw up announces] I know, rough nights. Know what’s even rougher? This place. You-you haven’t-You don’t know what it’s like to cleaning process someone’s septic fluid until you’ve stepped a mile in my shoes ah that’s probably what I was missing in one of them. Person did pee pee-pee in the bathroom flaw Come on! Fuck off , no! NO! Hold me a towel! You ask for one thing, you get 50.

neat wait I amaze is that what’s in this person’s apartment then Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit! NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! I MUST FEED MY STARVING KIDS! NO! NOOOOOO! You’re fired .. Rooms scavenged: 11 of 11. Floorings scavenged: 3 of 3. Job held for 14 hours. I only worked one alteration. It’s hard to be a single leader! cleaning up people’s upchuck and pee-pee even when they’re in the same apartment watching you do it they don’t even have any ways Wait, did I croak? I like, pushing my cart and it’s like “no, you miscarried your job” all the dynamite blew up in the cart and I exactly came over on the grind. Anyway, that was “Breach and Clean” Really surprisingly recreation to do! With these kinds of games of games are always awesome you exactly get in and dick around and make up your own floor for whatever the hell is going on It’s free to play, I get this on I exactly extended searching for .. chill new games to play and this was at the top of the inventory so really nice I desire discovering games like this that are exactly fantastic and and you take on different things so I’ll leave a link in the description you guys who want to go and play it for yourselves if you want to see how long you can go on and play it for yourselves if you demand, see how long YOU can keep going on for.

It’s weird as well, the game preserved chilly because my mouse was sounding outside the recording window and it preserved resizing shit and everything so that was one of the problems that competition just going to windowed procedure I dunno. regardless thank you guys so much better for watching this incident if you liked it Swipe that like button IN THE Face, LIKE A BOSS! And, high fives all around![ High-Five announces] WELL THANK YOU GUYS AND I WILL Envision ALL YOU DUDES .. IN THE NEXT VIDEO! You’re Fired, more like I’m on fire, scavenged 11 rooms, That made 14 hours ?! Soul! I’m gradual!

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